Academic art of riding by Bent Branderup

The academic art of riding is not a „new“ way to teach riding. It´s an old term for a kind of „gentleman-riding“. Bent Branderup combined the fundamentals of the classical (ideal) art of riding with the knowledge about biomechanics.

Why is Bent our teacher?

In short: He always gives us the feeling that every horse is worth getting the best education.

The quote „dressage was created for the horse, rather than the horse being created for dressage“ is our leading record.




Yvonne Heynckes is a student of Bent Branderup since 2001. She passed the knight-exam with her tinker-mare Sally in 2006 and the piaffe-test with her tinker-mare Gwinni in 2013. Since 2014 Yvonne is a Bent Branderup® trainer.




The foundation of our education is based on the academic art of riding. All of our horses are trained according to the principles of the academic art of riding. We take it for granted to observe these principles in every situation. It is suited for working with horses and not for show and is used by us in this way.




Riding lessons for adults

We offer riding lessons as private-lessons, training-days or courses. You also have the opportunity to be a weekstudent at our place.

We can offer riding lessons with school horses in a restricted way.